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What is CBD Extract?

We provide Full Spectrum CBD products that can be used orally or vaporised in an ecigarette.

Cultivated in the EU, extracted through supercritical Co2 extraction we get our raw paste, this is used as it is or gently winterised depending on the LVWell CBD range it is intended for. These processes ensure LVWell CBD extract remains a pure and complete extract, just as mother nature intended.

At LVWell CBD we believe that because of the nature of this product it shouldn’t be sold to minors, for this reason we recommend all of our resellers apply a challenge 21 policy similar rule depending on the country of sale. We also make no claims of medical benefits of our products and advise retailers to do the same.

LVWell CBD Winterised Vape 500mg

LVWell CBD - Winterised - Vape Booster

This lighter oil version means that its more suited to vaping as the solids have been washed out, because of this we this we use our winterised extract in our unflavoured vapable CBD product.

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LVWell CBD - Winterised - Oral Tincture

Winterisation of the raw paste includes dissolution in alcohol and subzero temperatures to separate the solids from the liquids. This process results in a dark oil containing all of the cannabinoids which is mixed with a carrier oil and a Mocha flavouring to give us the winterised oral version of the original product.

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LVWell CBD Winterised Oral 500mg
LVWell CBD Max Oral

LVWell CBD - Max - Oral Tincture

Award winning extract as voted by independent judges at the biggest CBD event on the calendar. This version contains winterised full spectrum extract with a guaranteed CBD content. This product is flavoured with the same sweet mocha flavouring as the winterised oral range.

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LVWell CBD - Raw - Oral Tincture

This is the improved version of the original Live Well CBD product, a raw extract paste dissolved in a carrier fluid. We have improved the quality of the extract and the finished product through using Virgin Hemp Oil rather than VG and PG. This product is flavoured with a cookie flavouring.

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LVWell CBD Raw Oral
LVWell Soft Gel Capsules

LVWell CBD - Soft Gel Capsules

LVWell CBD Cannabinoid Soft Gel Capsules.

Up to 100 Soft Gel Capsules Per Tub.

Each capsule contains 10mg of full spectrum extract

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LVWell CBD - Muscle Rub Balm

LVWell CBD Muscle Rub Balm contains 500mg of Winterised Full Spectrum Extract. Also contains virgin hemp oil, fractionated coconut oil, vitamin E and beeswax to provide an easy to absorb, soothing muscle rub.

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LVWell Muscle Rub Balm
LVWellCBD Massage Oil

LVWell CBD - Massage Oil

A mixture of sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, full spectrum extract, jojoba and vitamin E LVWell CBD Massage Oil aids a soothing and relaxing massage experience.

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