LVWell CBD - CBD Vapes

CBD vape liquid is one of the most popular ways to introduce CBD into your life. Not only does vaping CBD offer the fastest way to experience the potential effects, but it also provides greater bioavailability so you can absorb more than other CBD formats. At UK Vape Supply, our range of CBD vape juice includes an array of strengths and flavours to suit your vaping needs.

Expertly created by the LVWell team, each bottle of CBD vape juice has been created using the highest quality CBD as well as independently tested vaping ingredients. Studies have shown that the potential effects of vaping CBD include everything from reaching a state of calm and relaxation, pain relief and improvement in overall mood. It also has the potential to help aid sleep and induce drowsiness in high doses, or improve alertness in low doses. Whatever you’re looking for from your CBD vape juice, you can trust that UK Vape Supply has everything you need for a safe, happy CBD journey. Shop the full range today and discover why we’re the UK’s leading supplier of vaping and CBD products or take a look at our range of CBD cosmetics and raw CBD oil for more from the LVWell range.