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Live Well CBD To LV Well CBD

Live Well CBD to LV Well CBD

As you may already know we have made a decision to change our brand name from Live Well CBD to LV Well CBD.

Traffic and customers going to Live Well CBD in the UK and Europe will be redirected to the new LV Well CBD brand which is still recognisable under the new logo design as being the Live Well CBD product.

We consulted many official bodies regarding the change and they agreed that it will be a worthwhile pursuit and it will help in our commitment to being transparent and honest with our customers in that its a lot less likely that our brand will be confused in any case of making medical claims regarding the quality of life a CBD user is likely to experience.

We will maintain the trademark for Live Well CBD alongside the abbreviated LV Well CBD brand name.

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  1. This is the best winterised full spectrum cbd available,thanks to all involved for allowing the average consumer the ability to be able to afford a high quality cbd and the healing quality’s it brings

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