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NEW! LVWell CBD - Best Extract 3ml

Specially formulated by our blend master, LVWell CBD Best Extract contains 50% CBD and 7% CBG along with great amounts of other minor cannabinoids that LVWell CBD products are known for.

The CBD Extract comes in a 3ml glass syringe and depending on the ambient temperature is either a very thick semi-solid or an oily paste. You may wish to heat the extract up and shake well to mix before dispensing especially if you don't want to add the whole syringe to a carrier oil such as MCT, Olive Oil, Hempseed Oil or even in to food.

As winners of the Best Extract Award 3 times in a row at the Hemp & CBD Expo we know what we are doing when it comes to extracts and how to blend them to create the best, with this blended extract we managed to squeeze over 1500mg of CBD, 220mg of CBG, 150mg of CBDV and 45mg of CBDA into a 3ml syringe!

Ingredients: Hemp Extracts, Distillates


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Please note: THC undetectable/ near undetectable (0.01% or below).