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Reviews and Testimonials

Here you will find product reviews, service reviews and the opinions of our consumers and partner businesses within our distribution network.

“As someone who suffers terrible pain with both Fibromyalgia and Polymyalgia, and for whom even heavy doses of very strong traditional pain meds could not stem the pain, I must tell you, your CBD products have literally changed my life.

Using a combination of the oral drops and the vape has allowed me to taper my traditional pain meds, and I am finally getting my life back.

I did extensive research prior to choosing your product line. Quality and consistency are my main concerns. My research shows your line getting high marks in those areas as well as price.

LVWell CBD has given me my life back and for this, I thank you.” – D, Stoke-on-Trent. (Confirmed Customer)

“This is the best winterised CBD available,thanks to all involved for allowing the average consumer the ability to be able to afford a high quality CBD and the healing quality’s it brings” – R, (Verified Wholesale Customer)