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Buying Guide: CBD Edibles

by Gary Clark 11 Jul 2023
CBD offers a wide range of benefits to those taking it, from its natural anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants to helping improve sleep and reduce anxiety. The CBD industry is booming, and with so many ways to ingest CBD, it can be tricky to decide which route is best for you. Our LVWell CBD range contains everything from raw CBD and CBD vape products to CBD bath bombs and cosmetics.
Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the most popular CBD products and one of the easiest to introduce into your daily routine, our CBD edibles!
What are CBD edibles?
CBD edibles are any food or drink that contains CBD extract, allowing you to eat small amounts of CBD that is then released slowly into the system. From gummy sweets to chocolate, there are countless ways to enjoy CBD via the edible route. 
Will I get high eating CBD edibles?
CBD edibles do not contain any intoxicating cannabinoids (such as THC) so they will not get you high. While there may be trace amounts of THC, there is not enough to create any intoxicating effects. 
Are CBD edibles legal?
CBD edibles are legal in the UK as long as they meet strict requirements. 
  • Each pack or tub of CBD edibles must contain less than 1mg of controlled cannabinoids such as THC. 
  • CBD edibles must not be labelled or sold as medicine. 
  • Edibles must be manufactured in a way that makes it difficult to extract illegal cannabinoids. 
How many CBD edibles can I eat per day?
It is recommended by the Food Standards Agency that adults should not consume more than 70mg of CBD each day. The amount of CBD in the edibles you choose will allow you to work out how many you should eat, for example - if you buy a packet of 5mg CBD sweets, you can eat up to 14 each day. 
It is worth noting that CBD edibles such as sweets, gummies and chocolate will contain other ingredients such as fat and sugar, so it is worthwhile seeing how these fit into your own dietary plans. 
Will I feel the effects straight away?
Ingesting CBD through edibles is the slowest way to get CBD into your bloodstream, so it is likely that you won’t feel the effects for a couple of hours. If you are taking CBD to help you sleep, we recommend taking your edibles 2 hours before you go to bed. 
How long will CBD edibles be in my system?
Once you have ingested CBD edibles, the length of time it stays in your system will depend on how much you have taken and your body composition. On average, CBD edibles will produce effects lasting from 2-6 hours and all cannabinoids will leave your system within 5 days. 
CBD Edibles: The Pros and Cons
At LVWell CBD, we are very particular when it comes to our CBD products and we want to ensure that our LVWell CBD range is high-quality, reliable and trusted by our customers. If you’re thinking about buying CBD edibles, we’ve asked our experts for their pros and cons. 
The Pros
  • They taste great! We’ve worked hard to create edibles that you will look forward to eating. 
  • The amount of CBD is easily regulated as each edible contains a specific amount of CBD. 
  • It’s long-lasting. While it is the slowest way to consume CBD, the effects last longer when ingested through an edible. 
The Cons
  • Edibles are slow to take effect, often needing at least 2 hours to get into your bloodstream. 
  • Other CBD products, such as CBD vape liquids and CBD oil, work much faster. 
  • They tend to be more expensive than other CBD products. 
CBD Edibles at LVWell CBD
If you’re ready to try CBD edibles, we have you covered. We have a wide range of CBD gummies available, with sweet flavours such as strawberry, fizzy mix and cola bottles to choose from. To find out more about our CBD edibles, or any of the products in the LVWell CBD range, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team. 
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