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How to vape CBD

by Gary Clark 11 Jul 2023


Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Unlike the THC compound found in marijuana, CBD has no psycho-active properties, and has been legal in the UK since 2016. People use CBD for a variety of different reasons, whether it’s targeting pain and inflammation or to help with stress and anxiety, and with so many ways to take CBD, it’s become a huge industry!

One of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD is through vaping, with many enjoying the quick absorption rates that you get from enjoying this compound through a vape device. At UK Vape Supply, our CBD range has been flying off the shelves, with a range of options including capsules, patches, bath bombs and of course, CBD e-liquids.

How do you vape CBD liquid?

If you’re already used to vaping, adding CBD to the mix is an easy switch. There are several ways to vape CBD, the most common is through using a pre-mixed CBD liquid that is added to a vape tank or pod and topped up when needed. The high PG level in CBD liquids means that it’s better to use a lower powered device when vaping CBD. Another option would be to add highly concentrated CBD to a nicotine free e-liquid to create your own bespoke mix. 

Important: Never try and vape CBD oil, only use specific CBD e-liquids. 

Once you’ve picked the type of CBD vape that’s best for you, it’s important to consider the strength that you need. Just like when you choose the best nicotine level for you, it’s vital that you consider how much CBD you require. A low strength liquid is often around 30mg, mid is often around 200mg-500mg and higher doses are available from 1000mg. 

It will take a little bit of trial and error to find the right strength for you, but we advise not starting with the highest option. A low or mid-range option is a great place to start and you can adjust for a higher dose if you’re not feeling any benefit. If you do choose a liquid that is too high for you, it’s possible to dilute it with nicotine free e-liquids. 

What flavour CBD e-liquid is best for me?

Just like regular e-liquids, the flavour that you choose is based on personal preference. A heavy tobacco smoker may prefer to vape a strong tobacco flavoured e-liquid to mimic the smoking experience, while fruity or menthol based flavours will suit non-smokers. With CBD, there are liquids available with a strong hemp flavour, as well as fruit based liquids for those who don’t like the taste. Again, it’s all trial and error before finding the perfect match!


If you’re looking to try out CBD vaping, why not take a look at our full range today? You can also get in touch with any questions you may have about any of our LVWell CBD products to find out which is best for you.

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