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Unwind My Mind - A Guest Post from

by Gary Clark 31 Mar 2023

Unwind My Mind

Self care is a vital part of our being, We need a calm clear mind to be able to function and breath in life and do all the things we love.
We’re all stuck in this rat race called life full of curve balls and stresses which lead to feeling mentally and physically drained and trying to find that Work/Life balance.
That’s why practicing Self Care is important, there’s many different ways to practice Self Care. A journey to finding your calm in everyday life and feeling like yourself again putting yourself first, creating routine and making yourself a priority, Self Care doesn’t have to be selfish, lazy or time consuming, it helps you to feel more vibrant, energetic mindful, calm optimistic and productive.

Spiritual Self Care

Meditation is one of the most accessible and easiest spiritual practices to maintain, it may take a little time for you to get in to it but once you do it naturally becomes a part of life.
It gives you a clearer connection to who you are and what you want out of life, you can practice for as little as 5 minutes a day or longer if you require a deeper connection to ones self. You can meditate anytime, anywhere. There’s some amazing meditation practices online or just put on some nice calming relaxing music, light some candles and or incense and reconnect with yourself.

Feel the Earth beneath your feet!
Being barefoot can help your body absorb the earths electrons, whether it be dirt, sand or grass, when you walk barefoot on the earth your body picks up free ions from the earths surface. These act as a large battery to help balance and recharge our bodies (This is one of my Favourite things to do).
If your outside playing with your children or having a picnic or simply just going for a stroll, take off your shoes and socks and feel your bare feet on the ground connecting to nature reap the uplifting benefits. Of course you could be grounding using gemstones.

Be In Nature
The smell of the earth the sounds of the trees swaying gently in the breeze and the bird sounds, or the sand between your toes and calming sounds of the ocean.
You can’t help but disconnect from the busy and bask in the healing that comes from the calm.
When your in nature your in a sense of something bigger/greater than yourself, so make time as often as you can to get out there and connect even if its
Just 5 minutes sitting on some grass, sitting by a tree listening to the calming sounds around you. After all we are apart of this earth so feel the reconnection so put on your favourite Hoodie and get out there.

Mindfulness & Relaxation
Enjoy a little time for yourself, there no Wrong choice its what you feel in the present moment remember its all about the self love & care. You give to yourself

Write in your journal about all the things you’re grateful for, brain dump all of your thoughts, feelings and future plans or simply just doodle. This is a great
way to free up space in the mind and release all the things that you’ve stored away.

Get Creative
Do something that you love and haven’t done it in a while, this could be cooking, painting, dancing.....the list is endless, so if you have a hobby that you’ve been putting on the back burner pick it back up again and get the creativity flowing.

Listen To Podcasts
Make yourself a a cup of Coffee or tea whichever is your choice, get cosy on your couch, type in your chosen topic on your podcast app, maybe you want something inspirational, educational or just hilariously funny, there’s a podcast out there for all just press play.

Take A Relaxing Bath
There’s no better place to de-stress the in the comfort of your own bath, So run yourself a bath add in some of your favourite bath products, this could be bath bombs, bubble bath, bath soaks ( one of my favourites is LVWell CBD Bath Bombs they're super relaxing and gentle on my sensitive skin). Pour yourself a glass of wine put on your favourite music or podcast, lock the door and shut out the world.

By Claire Wilson -

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