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Anxiety-Reducing Effects of CBD: Insights and Evidence

by UKVS Staff

Recently cannabidiol (CBD) has been tested to be believed as a great temporary solution for stress and anxiety problems in people's day to day. Therapy can come in multiple forms, each tailored to individual needs and circumstances, ranging from traditional talk therapy and the use of products such as anti-anxiety medication and CBD (within a reasonable amount). As mental health awareness grows, so does the knowledge and interest of alternative ways it can be handled with care. As a non-psychoactive compound, CBD offers a potential way of dealing with stress and anxiety without the high associated with its counterpart THC. 

Understanding CBD and Its Interaction with the Body

CBD alters hormones within the brain, which can play a role in the balance of serotonin (also known as the “feel-good” hormone). Serotonin can regulate mood, sleep, appetite, and stress levels, possibly giving the user feelings being more at ease in times of stress in their day-to-day life. Research has shown this can help users stabilise their anxiety by altering the serotonin signals in a controlled environment. A study published in the journal europsychopharmacology[1] found that CBD has “the potential of significantly reducing anxiety and discomfort in subjects during public speaking tasks”. Another review in the Journal of Cannabis Research[2] shared these findings, highlighting the treatment of multiple anxiety disorders using CBD, included disorders Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). 

Evidence from Clinical Trials and Studies

A 2021 study published in Springer Link[2] revealed significant findings on the use of CBD among adults, highlighting its growing popularity as a self-managed treatment for common health issues. Out of 387 adults surveyed, 42.6% reported using CBD to alleviate self-perceived anxiety, while a nearly identical percentage, 42.5%, used it to aid with sleep issues. These statistics underscore the perceived effectiveness of CBD in managing these conditions and reflect a shift towards more natural and self-directed approaches to health and wellness. The study's results are crucial for understanding consumer motivations and the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD, paving the way for further research and informed discussions about its role in mental and physical health management. And on a smaller sample size in The Permanente Journal[3] they conducted on 72 adults who experienced poor sleep and anxiety, they found anxiety levels decreased in 79% of the participants within the first month. 

User Reports and Anecdotal Evidence

Beyond clinical studies, anecdotal evidence from users who incorporate CBD into their daily routines often reports significant improvements in managing anxiety symptoms. Many describe feeling calmer, more at ease, and less overwhelmed by stressors in their everyday lives. This is all on personal reviews with less scientific evidence, so it should always be taken with a grain of salt. However the numbers are promising for how many share these feelings towards CBD.

Choosing the Right CBD Product

Here at LVWell CBD, we are proud to offer award-winning extracts that are crafted with quality and care. Our commitment ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing you with a reliable and beneficial addition to your daily routine. When used correctly, LVWell CBD can be a fantastic companion on your journey supporting you with its superior form. We hope you can trust in our dedication to excellence and make LVWell CBD a key component of your day.


While more research is needed to fully understand all the mechanisms through which CBD reduces anxiety, current evidence points to significant potential benefits. Whether through direct interaction with hormones or by influencing the body's stress responses, CBD shows promise as a powerful tool for those seeking alternative anxiety relief that may help you.


For further reading and to explore the studies mentioned, you can visit the following links: 

  1. Neuropsychopharmacology Study on CBD and Anxiety
  2. Reasons for cannabidiol use: a cross-sectional study of CBD users, focusing on self-perceived stress, anxiety, and sleep problems
  3. The Permanente Journal Study on CBD for Anxiety and Sleep

        By staying informed and consulting with healthcare providers, individuals can make educated decisions about incorporating CBD into their mental health strategies.