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About LVWell CBD

Founded in 2017 and launched at Vape Jam in London, LVWell CBD was an instant success and remains to this day, the UK's favourite CBD brand.

Built on a quality over profit approach the LVWell CBD brand went from strength to strength. Where other manufacturers were charging upwards of £60 for 1000mg of CBD, LVWell CBD took the opportunity to strive for perfection using the finest quality Full and Broad spectrum extracts and distillates to create a product that cost a lot more to make, but retailed at a fraction of the price. This gave more people the chance to try CBD supplements for themselves and try they did, in their millions.

Our approach of simple and fair pricing shook the market and cemented LVWell CBD in our position at the top of the UK CBD industry, this was aided by winning awards for the quality of our products with judges passing comments such as 'It is one of the very few products that has tested well and contains exactly what it says on the packaging'.

Winning the 1st place award for Best Extract every time it was awarded at the international Hemp and CBD Expo gave our consumers and resellers all the confidence they needed, since then we have developed more and more products to add to our range which is now a complete solution where there is something for everyone.

We produce:

  • CBD Gummies - Available in 4 different ranges including Fruity Mix, Fizzy Mix, Cola bottles and Strawberry.

  • CBD Capsules - For ease of dosing LVWell CBD Capsules are perfect, now available with additional benefits from natural sources in our Boost, Digestion and Immunity ranges.

  • DIY CBD components - from our award winning Best CBD Extract to CBD isolate and carrier oils.

    No matter what you need, LVWell CBD has you covered.